November 25, 2009

First Post; I hate freshmen.

Hello everyone out there on the internet, my name is Charlotte Anne and I am fascinated by people on a daily basis.
And no, that is not a good thing.
This blog is going to consist mainly of my rantings directed towards those unsuspecting people.
Oh, and my "friends."
They'll never see it coming.
Until someone links them here.

I would like to start off, first and foremost, by saying that I don't like people much.
And it has nothing to do with me trying to be different or sticking it to the man.
It's because the people I encounter are generally very, very stupid.
Allow me to give you an example;

I'm a Senior in high school currently, and I'm truly amazed at the stupidity of the freshmen at my school.
For instance, the lunch scene;

Me:: Does anyone at this table know what time this lunch period ends?
Freshman:: Time for you to get a watch.
Me:: .... What?
Freshman:: You've never heard that joke before?
Me:: I've never heard someone fail that hard before. My ears are fucking ringing.
Freshman:: What?
Me:: I know the time. I want to know what time this lunch ends.
Freshman:: Then why would you ask what time it is?

Are you there, God? If so, how the fuck was this guy able to survive childhood.
Surely he would have attempted to drink the blue liquid under the sink.
He must have been stoned out of his mind because it was like he couldn't even hear me.
Face, meet palm.
Until people annoy me again,

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