December 20, 2009

Where the hell have I been?

You find yourself not asking me?
Awww, you're sweet to have noticed my absence.

Well, let me tell you a tale.
'Tis a riveting ballad of how I FUCKING HATE TECHNOLOGY.


Anywho, I recently re-formatted my laptop.
Fun times!

Then I went on an adventure of figuring out which fucking drivers I needed to get the internet to work.

Then I decided that the internet should eat me.

I get the right driver. Alright. Making progress.
Only took a mother fucking week.

Then I connect to my boyfriends router.
What's mine is yours kinda deal.

Then I go to download Mozilla Firefox [Because IE can get raped by lions.]
So I google it.
Dear spirits, I love Google.

Anyways, I'm waiting for the search engine to do my bidding when BAM
Internet go bye-bye.
Internet comes back!

Me:: That was weird. Oh well, I'm sure it won't happen again. *F5*

Of course, we all know my life is full of fail, soo....

BAM. Internet go bye-bye again.
Then it comes back.

Me:: Look here, you piece of shit...
Internet:: *Disconnects*
Me:: ...... Cocksucker.
Internet:: Oh, hello! How are you?
Me:: Why do you keep doing that?
Internet:: Doing what?
Internet:: *Disconnects*
Me:: What the-
Internet:: Oh, hello! How are you?
Me:: I'm going to rape you in the-
Internet:: *Disconnects*

Yeah. I'm sure the docs gonna LOVE my blood pressure this month.

So I hate technology.
Gonna have to buy a new Wireless Network card.
Because this one is smiling at my anguish.
All smug and shit.
I just know it.


So I stole my boyfriends laptop.
Read me some [GM]Dave.
A lot.

His blood pressure has to beat mine by a long shot.
Oh well.

SO. I wont be posting for a while.

Gotta get this pice of shit up and running again.

Maybe I'll just buy a new fucking laptop.

That's it.

Fuck this mess.

I refuse to go bald over a fucking Dell laptop.

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